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ID-100122486To treat your constipation, you need to make a few changes that will not only deal with your regularity, but also give a better feel of well being. So, at this site, you get some of the best tips and advice on how to stop constipation.


When you have constipation that is chronic, your life can be miserable. Not only does it affect your awareness and your thinking, but it has a physical detrimental effect on your body.  Over a long term, constipation can lead to colon cancer, diverticulitis, or colon inflammation.


Stopping constipation should be your first order of business, when you want to improved your health.  The first place to start is to discover what food for constipation you can eat.  Most people think that they only need to eat fiber and this will take care of your constipation, but this is not entirely true.


At this site, I want to show you where to get started to eliminate constipation.  You can do with a general or mild case of constipation.


No More Constipation


Here are some areas that you need to concentration if you want a fast constipation treatment. 








Negative thinking

Basic lifestyle activities


constipated womanIf you have not been regular for a long time and have a sedentary lifestyle, it will be difficult to get rid of constipation. You will have to get started with some major changes.  You can start with many of the remedies mention here, but it will take some time to clear your constipation. 


If you have been using laxative for a short time, then stop using them now.  If you have been using drug store laxative remedies for a long time and can’t have regular bowel movements without them, the information here is not designed to help you.


Constipation that is caused by poor diet, lack of exercise, overweight, negative personality, and other lifestyle activities, can be cured. But, it will take a bit of time.


When constipation is more severe, then more changes have to be made in your lifestyle. Certain foods need to be eaten at certain times of the day. You will need to add to your diet specific supplements that will help you recover your peristaltic action of your colon.




Lemon water for constipationThe first natural constipation remedy to use is to drink more water. If you don’t drink enough water during the day your stools will be harder, and hard stool are hard to move through your colon. The reason this happens is when your body lacks water, it will pull it out of your stools and make them hard. This water remedy will stop bloating and constipation. Drinking water and lemon is a great way to get more water and minerals that you need for constipation.




Bookmark this page, so you get the next constipation tip on fiber.  You need to know what is the best fiber and when to eat it.


Come back soon for more home remedies for constipation. And check out the next pages with the videos.


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 You will need to add to your diet specific supplements that will help you recover your peristaltic action of your colon.



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