Constipation Food Causes

What Foods Cause Constipation


These are the foods and lifestyle that got you into constipation. The following list should be carved into your brain, so you know what things cause constipation and what foods or lifestyle to avoid.



    • Lack of water can cause constipation. If you are dehydrated, your stools will be hard.
    • Avoid these drinks, sodas, sweeten fruit juices, coffee with sugar, and tea with sugar.
    • Don’t cook your vegetables, because when you do, you lose most of the fiber strength. Raw vegetable have the fiber you need, to prevent constipation.
    • If you don’t eat fruits and vegetables or have a green drink every day, you will have constipation.
    • All processed foods like products made from white flour will cause you to suffer from constipation, because they lack fiber and nutrient for your colon.
    • Do not eat morning cereal that has any type of bran. This bran has been processed and loses some of its fiber content.
    • Avoid milk products since they contribute to constipation. 
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There you have it. A great list of natural remedies so that you can have many ways to treat constipation.