Constipation Foods

Foods That Help With Constipation


In the previous page, you were given some ideas on foods to help you poop. Here are some more foods that you need to eat and the proportions that will help you eliminate your constipation.


      • Eat only one solid food with vegetables during lunch or dinner. Lunch can be one meat or seafood with a fresh vegetable salad. Don’t eat a carbohydrate with your meat meal. 
      • If you have carbohydrates for lunch, don’t eat any meat with it, but eat it with a salad. 
        • Eat the same type of protein at the same time but do not mix different proteins. Red meat and chicken is ok to eat together. Avoid eating beef and nuts or chicken and beans

        • Get Constipation Relief


So, eat your last meal by 6-7pm, so that your food digests in your stomach by the time you go to bed around 10 pm.


Now, let’s go to some real important ideas and head over to: What foods cause constipation.