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Cure Constipation Fast Using Fruits

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Fruits for Constipation

Eating fruits daily in different ways is one of the secrets to curing constipation. Once you have cured your constipation, you should make eating fruits a daily routine. In this article you will find some ways you can eat fruits so that they have a greater impact on making your regular. You can eat any type of fruit that you like, but its best to vary the kind you use. Try to get the different fruit colors in your diet.
Here are my recommendations on curing constipation with fruits.

Best time to use fruits For Constipation

One of the best times to eat fruits is in the morning when you first get up. Fruits can be eaten in any form. When you take them in liquid form, they get absorbed into your blood stream faster and require less digestive energy.

When you eat fruits in the morning they digest within 2 hours. The result is they do not block your morning detoxification and you will have better bowel movements. Eating a heavy meal, such as eggs, meat, potatoes, butter, bread and so on, takes up to 4 hours to digest and this will block your detoxification process and you block bowel movements.

Here are 4 tips on how to use fruits for constipation.

  1. From 6am to noon don’t eat any heavy food, like a big hearty breakfast.
  2. Upon waking, first, is drink the juice of 3 oranges and 1 lemon using a hand
    juicer. Mix some water into the juice to make a big cup of juice.
  3. One half hour after drinking your juice, eat a mixture of fruits such as pineapple, apple, strawberries, mango, banana, cherries, etc. This is your main breakfast.
  4. Make a fruit smoothie for breakfast of your favorite fruits and take some in a thermos to work for a snack.

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On alternating days, you can make a smoothie using all these fruits and just add some ground up flax seeds, lecithin granules, and vitamin C powder. Add some apple juice to create a smoothie. The less apple juice you use, the thicker your smoothie will be.

Fruits have fiber and minerals that will keep your colon healthy. Fiber and minerals also help to activate peristaltic action to move fecal matter through your colon.

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