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Natural Ways To Cure Constipation

Natural Ways To Cure Constipation AppleUsing fruits in the morning gives your body a chance to detoxify by having a bowel movement and releasing urine. This is what your body needs to do, otherwise you can develop constipation. You stop it from doing detoxifying by eating a big breakfast. By eating fruits in the morning, you give your body a chance to give you a constipation cure.

Here is another powerful morning remedy for constipation.

  • Buy 1/2 gallon of prune juice
  • Buy 1/2 gallon of apple juice
  • Drink 3-4 glasses of prune juice one after the other first thing in the morning
  • wait for 20 minutes
  • Now drink a glass of apple juice
  • Wait 20 minutes then drink another glass of apple juice

If you don’t have a bowel movement after these two glasses of apple juice, drink another glass

Now drink one glass of apple juice throughout the day. Don’t eat any food during this day. This will help you to flush out your colon. Your bowel movements will be watery.

This process of prune juice and apple juice will help to clean out your colon. This will give you a new start with your colon evacuated of any fecal matter. Do not use this process regularly. If you do, the effectiveness of the process will diminish. Once you finish this day, go back to the first
tip given in this ways to treat constipation website.