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8 Tips to Stop Your Constipation Easily

When you need to poop and you can’t, whether you are a kid or an adult, you need to examine your diet. It’s a diet and food that determines your health. If you combine your thoughts, diet and the way you live, you have the total formula for your health. So let’s tackle your diet or the foods you need to eat to poop regularly.

Here are the 8 tips.

    • Eat fruits, vegetables, and their juices between morning and noon. This will help your body’s elimination channels to poop and urinate the nights accumulation.
    • Eat or drink fruit juices in the morning or as day snacks. Drinking Juices brings minerals and some vitamins quickly into your blood stream to help eliminate acidic toxins that your accumulates. Without drinking alkaline juices, your body will accumulate body acids which are responsible for most diseases.
    • Eat a salad with your lunch and dinner. If you are like most people you will eat meat and carbohydrates for your meals. Since these foods do not have fiber, you will become constipated. Vegetables contain fiber that will mix with your meals, which will attract water that will make your stools softer and easier to eliminate. Fiber also stimulates your colon walls to start peristaltic action, during elimination.
    • Add a salad dressing to your salad that contains olive oil, flax seed oil, and apple cider vinegar. Adding oils to your salad help to lubricate the colon walls so that you will have easier bowel movements. The apple cider vinegar contains the minerals that support peristaltic action.
    • On occasion eat oats mixed with fruits in the morning. Oats are high in fiber and eating them with fruits gives you the mix you need for easier bowel movements the following morning.
    • Eat cottage cheese but avoid any other dairy product. For some of you dairy products can cause constipation. For many of us dairy products produce mucus in the body, which affects our health.
    • Avoid drinking water or soft drinks with your food. Drinking any liquid during meals, except in the morning, causes a decrease in your stomach acid. This decrease prevents you from properly digesting your food and can lead to constipation.
    • Add a probiotics and digestive enzyme with your meals. Completely digesting your food in your stomach is necessary for maintaining good health. Undigested food feeds the bad bacteria in your stomach and colon, which can lead to a poor functioning colon.

This is a start for getting control of your poop. You want to start eating a little better, by changing your eating habits little by little. Don’t try to make all these changes at once. Start by adding of the above suggestion one week at a time.

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Here is a video to help you poop.